Luisa Cioffi



Born in Venice 19/01/1971
Freelance Interior designer.

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Sculpture 110/110.
Graduated from the State Art School of Venice.

Art director at Auge Your Creative Partner (Milan-Venice-Treviso) 1993-1994.
He teaches at the Institute of Art in Venice 1998-1999 The Altamira studio opens 1994-2000 in via Palazzo, Mestre Venice. He becomes responsible for the artistic achievements for the Kapuziner Bierlokal from 1995 to today, 25 clubs in Italy.

He has designed and built numerous clubs, restaurants, showrooms, stands, installations. He designed and created numerous works for churches and sacred places. He has held exhibitions in Italy and abroad; his works and creations are present in: Italy, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan.

IAP entrepreneur and title of Educational Farm. Many years of experience in laboratories for primary and secondary school.
It promotes cultural activities and sporting events.



SCULPTURE Sculptures designed and made in marble, stone, bronze.


PAINTINGS Paintings on canvas, panel, frescoes.


MOSAIC Mosaic in marble, semi-precious stones and Murano glass. An ancient technique revisited in a modern way, where the pieces become sculpture.


STAINED GLASS ART Stained glass in Murano glass, tied with lead.


INTERIOR DESIGN Design and construction of interiors for homes, restaurants, hotels


INTERIOR DESIGN Interior design for stands, exhibitions, showrooms, sets.


Design and manufacture of custom-made furniture, furnishing accessories designed and made by hand.

Restyling of furniture for restaurants, bars, shops, furnishing accessories designed and made by hand.

Arrangements for exhibitions, shows, sets and showrooms

Kapuziner Bierlokal responsible for pictorial creations.